as you know, logon takes place in nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off cape cod, massachusetts. our community uses this setting to the fullest. the use of the small island town feel is important here. your characters won't have the typical big city type of occupations or lives but that doesn't mean they can't be fun and creative.

neighborhoods • pick out your character's neighborhood by clicking here ! there is a convenient map with descriptions here.

businesses are built in • you are free to have your character work at or own a business in nantucket. if you want your character to be the owner or to be employed by one of these premade businesses, please check this list to find out if someone in the community already owns it. if you're simply looking have your character work at a specific business please reach out to whoever has already claimed it (if anyone). and of course, you can also come up with your very own original business for your character to own or work at. your character is not required to own a business or work at one, please see below!

additional jobs • your character can work at any of the town's schools, government offices, hospitals, et cetera. check this list for taken positions at schools and establishments that cannot be replicated. the only banned occupation is anything related to law enforcement (this does not include private investigators). they can also hold any other occupation you see fit that may not have a specific establishment to stick them in (therapist, accountant, graphic design, etc). we are not here to hold anyone back so feel free to be as creative as you'd like.

eduation • if you are bringing a character that is a native to the island then you should know that everyne attended the same schools (unless they were home schooled) as the other natives of nantucket! elementary, middle & high school. nantucket does not have a lot of higher education options. many students likely left for college and returned after, didn't go to college or went to an online school.